How I gained 4000 watch hours in YouTube in 7days

Do you want to get popular on YouTube ? Is it your hobby to upload videos on YouTube . If your answer is yes , congratulations I think the same too …..

I have a small channel named Yug ff over 92 subscribers.

I started uploading videos on YouTube on 27 Jun 2020. I didn’t had any knowledge about YouTube. You will be shocked to know that I didn’t know how to copy my channel link . I have total 16 Videos uploaded on my YouTube . After uploading 1 video on you Tube I started to upload another video after 5 months .Currently my total watch time is 18.3 hours and my total views are 1814 only . I have still a way to go and I think I can grow on YouTube .

How to get 4000 watch time in just 7 days

So read carefully .

Before reading further please read this carefully . For this trick to work properly you will need the following things.

So , let’s begin ,

So , these were the ways you could do to complete 4000 watch hours.

If you want to see mine ,

Before doing this trick I had only 0.5 hours watch time but when I did it first I Got 18.3 hours watch time.

Other day I got 19.2 hours watch time . This is awesome right ? . This was the trick I saw randomly on the YouTube . I Hope this trick works for others as well .


There are two ways of getting 4000 hours watch time on YouTube . The second way is as simple as the first one . So let’s begin the second trick.

However keep in mind that You should watch for less than one hour only . Do the same process after 1 hour or 30 minutes .

You will not get accurate result that day only . For the accurate result wait for 2 to 3 days . This trick doesn’t work If you repeatedly do it for more than one hour . Always remember that . if you want to know further about tips and tricks regarding YouTube please comment. If you like this make sure to read all my articles .

Those were the simple tricks that anyone could do If you have a laptop or computer . For this patience is needed because you will not get accurate result in one day only . you will need to wait for two to three days until YouTube publishes the final result .

You can watch this on YouTube on

I wrote the instructions from this channel . Firstly I checked myself and then I wrote it on medium . I wasn’t sure the first day that it would work but on the second day I was shocked by seeing the result . I am 100 percent sure that you will be monetized so, keep patience.

Every dog has it’s day , haha ,remember that and do this trick for fair use only not for violating the terms and conditions .

I am sure you got something to learn from this article.



My name is yug and I am 15 years old

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